Past events

Exhibition "Clay with the taste of wine"

An exhibition in the Exhibition house Reveal Riga in Riga, Latvia of the works of 5 outstanding and world well known Georgian contemporary ceramic artists from Georgian Ceramic Art and Craft Foundation „The Clay Office” – Lia Bagrationi, Nato Eristavi, Lali Kutateladze, Giorgi Pachkoria and Malkhaz Shvelidze – was arranged and opened.

The exhibition aimed at renewing the lost relations and exchange of artists and their works between Georgia and Latvia and at acquainting Latvian artists, art-lovers and guests of Riga as the European Capital of Culture 2014 with contemporary Georgian ceramics. Exhibition also aimed to support the Embassy of Georgia to Latvia in their activities related to the celebration of the Independence Day of Georgia in Latvia.

The exhibition was opened on the 27th of May, 2014 at the Exhibition house Reveal Riga in the heart of the Riga Old Town - Aldaru Street 5. On the exhibition opening date an official reception related to the celebration of the Georgian Independence Day took place and all the guests of the reception were also invited to the opening of the exhibition. The opening event was organized in line with the concept of promoting Georgian culture and traditions, such as wine, food and music. 

The exhibition was supported by the Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Latvia, The Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia and Latvia's national airline airBaltic.