Past events

Symposium with Masters „Masculine and Feminine Ceramics”

10 day Symposium in Zvartava, Latvia was conceptually based in terms „Masculine” and „Feminine” and their mutual interrelations. The gender (masculine/ feminine) dichotomy – in the sense of creative energy and in the sense of how artistic vision is expressed in material and shape – has not lost its actuality since the very beginning of the world. The Symposium was aimed not only at reflecting the differences of masculine and feminine aspects in humans and art, but at finding original solutions how to join those two aspects and qualities using ceramics as medium.

The Symposium was a cherised idea of Masters Ilona Romule and Peteris Martinsons. Shortly before the Symposium Peteris had an ischemic stroke, followed by a brain surgery. After the surgery Peteris fell into coma and never returned. He passed away on the morning of the first Symposium day. RIP, Peteris. This Symposium was and a tribute to You.

Symposium was participated by 12 artists from France, Russia, Germany, Finland and Belgium. Artists worked with both – porcelain and chamotte. The symposium was based on practical work, as well demonstrations of the invited artists - Thomas J. Daunora demonstrated a technique for processing porcelain plates analog to graphic stamp art, while Ilona Romule demonstrated ready-made porcelain painting techniques. Each symposium participant was provided with 9,25 kg of Southern Ice porcelain and 15 kg of chamotte. At the last day of the Masterclass an exhibition was arranegd and a one day pop-up show was presented in the exhibition gallery Betanovuss on AB dam, displaying artworks created during the symposium.